The Top Four Reasons to Invest in Motorcycle Insurance

Riding a motorcycle can be a lot of fun, but it’s really important to follow the law. In Australia, every vehicle should be registered and insured. This means that everyone needs to make sure that they get the right kind of motorcycle insurance. So, why should anyone consider paying for the right type of insurance for their motorcycle?

  1. Get a Hire Vehicle

Many motorcycle insurers offer their customers the use of a hire vehicle if their motorcycle is stolen. It’s not uncommon for motorcycles to be the target of theft or malicious damage. In the case of a theft, for example, a hire vehicle can be provided for up to two weeks under some circumstances by some insurers.

This provides a person with a way to get around while they are waiting for their motorcycle to be repaired and back on the road.

  1. Motorcycles Are Not Like Cars

It seems obvious to say that motorcycles are not like cars, of course, but this can have very real ramifications for riders.

One issue that many people struggle with is the stability of motorcycles. Because they only have two wheels, some riders struggle to control them if they go over a rock in the road, for instance. A car with four wheels tends to be able to handle these small obstacles without any incident.

This may cause a bike to spill and be damaged. It may even hurt the rider. In these cases, it’s really necessary to have the right kind of Yamaha motorcycle insurance. This will provide some coverage in the case of an injury also.

  1. Accommodation in an Emergency

Life doesn’t always go according to plan, so in cases where a motorcycle is off the road and the rider is far away from home, insurance can help. In these cases, some insurers provide emergency accommodations up to a certain level in their packages.

  1. Get Travel Expenses

Most motorcycle insurance policies include travel expenses as part of the package. This means that if a person cannot ride their motorcycle due to damage, the insurance company will pay up to a certain amount to enable the rider to get back home.

This scenario may also necessitate removals costs. This is where the insurance company will pay up to a certain dollar value to remove the bike and get it to a place where it can be repaired.

Conclusion – Choose the Right Kind of Insurance

As with cars, there are different levels of insurance cover for motorcycles. Though a rider legally needs a basic level of cover, this may not include extras, such as emergency accommodations or emergency travel expenses.

Basic cover usually only covers cases of fire or theft, but this is not always going to be useful. Comprehensive insurance will always provide the highest level of cover and will include the extras that many riders look for.