How to Choose the Right Bed liner For A Truck?

Bed liners are an accessory that provides protection to a truck bed. Truck owners can go for good bed linen that provides necessary durability, toughness, and longevity that keeps it in good condition. Bed liners for trucks come in various forms under varying bands.

So, the selection of the right one can be a tricky task. Price, appearance, convenience is some of the important factors to consider. Here, we will tell you common types of bed liners in the market. This information will help you find the right one for your truck.

High-Pressure Spray-On Bedlinen

A majority of spray-on bed liners are manufactured with polyurethane, a hybrid of polyuria or polyurethane or polyuria. Bed liners are formed by application of high-temperature/high-pressure with the help of specialized equipment.

These high-pressure spray systems provide the best level of product performance. When you buy it, you get a lifetime warranty on the product. These bed liners are resistant towards dents, scratches, tears, and heal faster than low-pressure predecessors. Automotive Concepts is a leading supplier of bed liner spray for trucks.

Low-Pressure Spray-On Bedlinen

These are the low-pressure bed liners that are made by application of low pressure, and low temperature than other types of spray-on options.

It is easy to tell what differentiates between a low-pressure and a high-pressure bedlinen by their texture, and appearance. Low-pressure systems feel and appear very different. They come with a rougher and inconsistent texture. Such bed liners possess low resistance power towards damage due to abrasion or impact and take up a long time to heal.


Plastic bed liners are a cost-effective alternative that the above-mentioned varieties of a bed liner. This type of bedlinen is spread below the truck bed to safeguard the bed from getting damaged due to light. They are quite an affordable choice for the ones who are in search for a quick solution.

Though they cost less, they are not the ideal pick for long-term protection. The moisture and debris that get locked under this liner remove the paint and exposes the bare metal that lies beneath it. This makes the metal prone to rust.


The bed liner is one of the necessities of a truck. For truck owners who have no prior experience of using a bed liner can find it to be a difficult selection. The above tips will definitely help you in making the right selection.