Curb Carbon Emissions – Smart Ways to Travel in an Environment-Friendly Way

Carbon emissions are on the rise and causing problems to both environment and people. Green house gases trap heat thereby resulting in climatic variations and air pollution which in turn causes several respiratory issues. Among the different sectors that are responsible to leaving excess carbon footprint in the environment, transport industry plays a huge role.

Transport industry’s role in rising carbon emissions:

Personal automobiles are found to be one of the major sources of carbon emissions in the US.  Cars and trucks contribute to 1/5th of the nation’s total carbon emissions while cars, buses, trucks, airplanes, ships and trains combined contribute to 30% of nation’s carbon emissions since they are powered by fossil fuel. It is everyone’s responsibility to reduce carbon emissions.

Ways to reduce carbon footprint when travelling:


  • Consider making a switch to a car with a higher MPG since they consume less fuel. This would help you save a great deal on fuel costs.
  • Maintain your car properly – check air tire levels and clean the oil filter regularly so that your car doesn’t consume more fuel than necessary.
  • Opt for electric cars if you’ll only be travelling up to 30 miles and have access to charging points to power your device.
  • Use car sharing services whenever possible.

Climate change and car transport go hand in hand. If you are moving or travelling to another city, cut down carbon emissions by opting for reliable car transport services like Ship a Car, Inc. They are the leading car transport company in the US transporting vehicles safely through several routes every day. This way a single trailer transports at least 10 vehicles in one go.


Flight take off, landing and its weight consume high fuel. Choose direct flights instead of connecting ones to reduce carbon footprint. In terms of flight weight, if every passenger packs lightly, the fuel savings will be similar to taking 10,000+ cars off the road for a year.

Public transport:

Though taking public transport isn’t as flexible as driving your own vehicle, make use of public transport in your locality to save at least $9000 of your yearly fuel costs. American communities with the lowest carbon emissions are those equipped with a solid public transport system. Contact your city officials if your locality has only few transportation options.

Walking and bike:

If you are going to be travelling short distances you can either go by walk or take a bike instead of using your personal car as a go-to choice for travel. Apart from being a recreational activity, this is associated with several additional benefits including reduced cholesterol levels, reducing risk of several diseases, less road congestion, more fuel savings etc.

Mobility is crucial for economic prosperity and it is practically not possible to give up on it. However, it is possible commute between places in an environment-friendly way in order to reduce carbon footprint significantly if every individual is serious about it. Make a real difference and do your part in reducing the carbon emissions.